Info from International Trip Meeting 10-24-22

International trips – Italy and London/Paris plus info on Alaska trip
This is the informal but informative meeting held Monday, Oct 24 at Franklin High School. Steve and Caro, the representative from Bob Rogers Travel, spoke on several topics then answered questions. Please email questions to Steve ( anytime. “Let’s Go!”

Please note:

Each trip needs a WeTravel registration form filled out. You will find a link to it on the individual trip pages. Thank you!


Plan Ahead to Renew Your Passport!

The U.S. Department of State has encouraged U.S. citizens to submit applications about six month in advance. Routine renewals currently take about 18 weeks (12 weeks for processing and six weeks in the mail); expedited processing takes about 12 weeks (six weeks for processing and six weeks in the mail) and requires and additional $60 fee.

Reasons for longer wait times include increased demand (post-pandemic), State Department staffing shortages and U.S. Postal Service delays.

Hello Travelers! So glad you are here!

Welcome back! After physical, mental and social difficulties, the storm is passing and the sun is beginning to shine …

People are venturing out and venues are opening – travelers are looking for trip information. Shotime Productions put 11 trips “on hold” in 2020 and now 2022 is looking cautiously optimistic. With safety and common sense at the front of every decision, plans are solidifying slowly. Now, see three international trips that are ready for you to join. Our Steinway friends are planning to return to NYC in early December, but anyone can join that group. All major US cities are opening, show curtains are rising, and groups are excited to travel again.





Other Trips

Overnight to see the Ark Encounter in Kentucky

New York City for Steinway factory and Radio City

LONDON / PARIS (March 2024)


Every trip is a well-planned, cost effective itinerary that promises smiles. Since 2010, Shotime Productions is able to bring success on a large scale, yet as a company – is small enough for individual, personal attention.

  • If you are wanting to help plan a trip, email me and let’s talk over a cup of coffee …
  • If you are a family wanting to make life-long positive memories, email me and let’s talk over a cup of coffee…
  • If you are a solo traveler – experienced or first timer – and just want to go somewhere – email me and let’s talk over, you know … over a cup of coffee …

I think I’m going to rack up my Tim Horton’s points this year.

Be encouraged, be positive, be safe as we anticipate many will enjoy traveling soon.  I will answer every email. I look forward to many, many good things ahead … so now, ready … “Let’s go!”

So, to end this short note, let me say that I am excited about the future of travel in general and with ShoPro specifically. There will be many updates to this website so please check back for details and opportunities as we all learn how to do what we so love – then “Let’s go!”

Email me for questions, comments or just to say HI …   Steve    (Mr. O. )


Steven H. Olsen,  President,  Shotime Productions LLC

Laura Ulaszek,  Communications Director      734-751-3318