So it’s official …

… home and office are moving!
As of August 1, 2024, new address will be:
7210 County Road 41
Friendship NY 14739

ShoPro will still be facilitating trips and securing buses. Now in our 14th year, many groups find success in travel using our excellent communications and friendly staff. Though addresses change, competent and responsible help with trips will continue with this transition. You may still use the email address and text number and we will gladly meet and exceed your expectations. The Livonia-Westland Chamber of Commerce building on 5 Mile will always be a great meeting space and coffee meetings can still happen. Steve will fly out of Buffalo for trips but will still drive back to Michigan as need.

Welcome to Shotime Productions website!

There are many things to see and learn and explore – take some time to see the many things that are here for you. This full service travel company has been successfully taking people on trips since 2010 and we are excited to be moving forward. If you are looking to join a trip or possibly build your own trip, know that you will get personal attention by email, text, or a sit-down meeting over a cup of coffee.

Several things:

  • Every trip is awesome … That is the mentality of the staff for every event with every group. Could be three buses to NYC or a week in Ireland or an overnight to Chicago or 11 days in Alaska or a day trip to Detroit. Every itinerary is carefully crafted and fulfills each traveler’s needs and desires.
  • There are not many surprises on a trip. Most places have been visited and given the “thumbs up” for a trip. That means your hotel in the US or in Europe has been checked out for the important parts to your comfort and convenience. Travel can throw curveballs, but travelers should feel good about the level of preparation and “behind the scenes” work to facilitate successful trips, and happy travelers.
  • Each trip is individual. Each itinerary is crafted for each group for that specific trip. Careful planning and care are given to each venue/stop so that time and money is maximized.
  • Payments can be in check or credit card through WeTravel. Each trip will be customized for each group.
  • Advertising, web pages, meetings with leaders and groups all facilitate carefully customized information that will be helpful to all involved.
  • Shotime Productions has a staff of three part time people who love travel and other travelers. Tour costs can be more attractive providing the same services. Buses can be secured months before a trip – and as travel has increased this past year, “the early bird” (leader) gets the worm (bus).

If you are looking to put together a trip – even several families wanting to go to see a show – please contact the office and set up a coffee meeting. You will be pleasantly surprised and glad you did. And understand why schools and churches continue to use ShoPro for their travel needs. After the hardships of the past few years, there is an explosion of travel like we have never seen. So, as the motto says – “Let’s go!”

Steven H. Olsen, Shotime Productions Founder and President
Laura Ulaszek, Communications Director
Barbara Pearson, Administrative Assistant

Please note:

Each trip needs a WeTravel registration form filled out. You will find a link to it on the individual trip pages. Thank you!