Shotime Productions LLC specializes in group tours, high school travel, music performance tours, community and club trips, all with a personal and local touch, We are a privately owned Michigan company, and not saddled to any parent company. All motor coach companies are from Michigan, all apparel is designed and crafted in Michigan, and all taxes and fees are paid to and through Michigan. Trips do not stay here though, as the logo says – “let’s go!”

Many groups do not travel because of the amount of work involved, prepayment requirements, and lack of experience. Shotime Productions is small enough and experienced enough to give specific, customized attention to each trip, and big enough to handle any request that is asked.

How many times is the frantic line said, “ I don’t know where to start!”.  We are willing, able and experienced – ready to make your trip an excellent travel experience. Your decisions, your dreams, your happy travelers with great memories and pictures to share is our goal.

President Steven Olsen is a retired veteran high school music teacher, who has taught and traveled with K-12 level students and college students. Venues are suggested with first hand knowledge, and his enthusiasm will be contagious. You will be customizing your trip with someone who has an excellent reputation and has only had “word-of-mouth” advertising until now. Repeat groups tell the best story.

You will meet by email, phone or in person to discuss your plans. Then, your trip will be shaped into a rough itinerary and cost. When the trip meets your needs and wants, a package will be made available to your travelers. Usually a pre site visit will bring first hand knowledge, and often pictures to a general meeting to discuss the trip and begin the process of registration and payments.

After 40 years of trips within the US and over 12 European trips, Steve still loves to travel – and usually goes with the group for 24/7 assistance. There are many ways that we can facilitate your trip – this means you can worry less and enjoy more!

Shotime Productions is growing and ready to be your travel company. Start your communication and see just what we can do for you.  “Let’s Go!”