Good question – because from the beginning, 13 years ago, the entire reason for the business is to give the best travel experience to anyone wishing to do a trip that needs professional help. We do not sit groups in the back 2 rows of shows, we do not use middle companies to add costs, we do use only excellent hotels and eateries and our coaches are driven by professionals that enjoy repeat trips. Our coaches now have outlets for charging electronic devices, and we usually enjoy DVD’s on longer trips. Most often, every venue and location has been visited by the tour director who then has first-hand recent knowledge of the place the group will visit.  Every itinerary is custom and every trip is treated like it is the most important group traveling.


What is the expectation of those traveling?

Another good question – three things are very important … 1) flexibility according to the group leader and sometimes even the group.

Each itinerary is the best possible for the price and timeframe, but a tour director can adjust and “tweak” situations as they happen for the benefit of the group.  2) being on time is stressed so others don’t get stressed. Respecting the times for the trip itinerary is really respecting the group as a whole. We encourage watches, phones, and any type of reminders that keep a group doing group things on group time … again it is a group respect and it works.  3) be nice.  This has been something that is printed on many flyers / registration letters and mentioned in meetings. Travel is a wonderful thing when people are positive, kind, respectful and even helpful. The opposite is fuel for all kinds of difficulties, so we like to go with people who practice nice.


Can anyone go?   

Depending on the group and the leadership, many times friends or relatives can join the trip. We generally do not travel with children, but there have been exceptions. Every traveler needs a separate registration and though families often like to stay together, each is treated as an individual.


How do I pay for these trips?   

On the website, it explains that cash is fine with a receipt, checks are written to Shotime Productions LLC and online payments are accepted through WeTravel (there will be a WeTravel link on the event page. On the WeTravel site, you can pay via credit card or bank account.) For larger trips, payment schedules will be set up, but trips under $100 per person is generally done in one transaction. For trips through Bob Rogers Travel  (our international trips), you can get the forms online or call BRT directly and speak with Caro, 1-630-824-4343, ext. 224 or caro@bobrogerstravel.com or call the main number and ask for Frank, 1-800-373-1423. It is possible in the next 3-5 years, Shotime Productions will be hosting our own trips to international locations.


Who is the driving force behind this travel company?   

Steven Olsen is a retired public school teacher who has traveled successfully for over 40 years both domestically and internationally. He has loyally worked with travel companies and seen the good, the bad and lots in-between, which becomes average. Many times students have one opportunity to do a big trip. It needs to be amazing. Sometimes adults have one opportunity to do a big trip. It also needs to be amazing. There are folks who choose not to travel because of the stress it brings in many ways. Shotime Productions was started to minimize stress and maximize amazing. Since losing his teaching position to a district financial attrition, he is putting all his experience and enthusiasm into his continued success with travel. His students were always glad to have opportunities that other schools did not offer. Interestingly, there are three past travelers who were “hands-on” with the evolution of the travel company and they love traveling with Mr. O.! As more trips were planned and completed with smiles, an office staff consisting of a communications director and administrative assistant were added. The logo says it best – “Let’s Go!”


How will I get more information?  

First, this website should provide the skeleton, basic information that you will need for each trip. Our site managers will update information as needed, so it will be good to check back here from time to time. Once a trip is set and an itinerary is printed, there will be group meetings for those interested, and then later, those who are signed up. Email is a great way to get information that you will be able to print, and a phone call is always the fastest. All that information is available on the website.


What if I have paid and can’t go?

That is always a problem for both the traveler, and the ones providing the trip. Sometimes we can substitute another person. Sometimes, because hotels, coaches, meals and entertainment tickets have been pre-purchased, the traveler simply loses the funds. In the future, there may be arrangements with advanced notice for some or all payments to be refunded. 


Are students the only ones that travel?  

No, though most of the trips completed in the past 6 years have been student based. There is an adult based BREW  CREW that is being launched the summer of 2016 that is only for travelers over age 21.  Community and church groups are encouraged to request help in planning trips. Future trips to Detroit will be excellent day trips for all ages and more trips to Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be offered as a one day excursion for anyone. Still, teachers age encouraged to contact and begin to plan trips for students for the many wonderful and educational experiences that can be offered through Shotime Productions LLC


Where have the most popular student trips visited?

New York City is the #1 location with over a dozen successful trips. From 1 day to 6 days, this place is incredible! Recent travel has been to Chicago, Cleveland, Orlando, and Mackinac Island. Future trips may be offered to Gatlinburg TN, Nashville TN, Asheville NC, Washington DC, Boston MA, and Michigan cities of Lansing, Holland, and Traverse City.


Can I meet and just talk about some ideas?  

Sure, just make a contact and let’s do a little dreaming, planning, and make it happen.  Remember,  “Let’s Go!”