Privacy Policy


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This privacy policy explains, uses and protects all the personal information given online and through the mail. All data submitted will be used only for business transacted through Shotime Productions LLC. We will not give, sell, trade, barter, rent or otherwise provide your information to third parties without your prior authorization. The exceptions would be when such disclosures are needed to complete transactions and fulfill requests for our services. As permitted by law, we may disclose your personal information to protect the property or rights of Shotime Productions LLC, our staff, and our clients. Please understand that we will do what is required, but we will protect you and the information that you submit to us to facilitate your business with Shotime Productions LLC. And we appreciate your trust!

Shotime Productions LLC is a for-profit Limited Liability Company (LLC). All checks are deposited in a local bank and all online / swiped credit is with WeTravel and 100% protected and insured.

By using this site or any of the services offered, you are agreeing with the stated policies. All contracts are given in good faith and are binding as agreed. Any modifications will be listed here as to policy changes. The above statements were updated as of February 29,2020.